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Pricing and Availability:

As you know we carry a lot of products and cannot update our site as often as prices change. However we do our best to update as we get the info from our manufactures.

If there is an issue with something costing different than advertised, we will notify you via phone or email once your order is processed.

This will be addressed before your credit card info is processed.

All prices and availability subject to change without prior notice.


Shipping Supercharger Systems or Oversized Boxes:

We strive to offer you the best price on parts and components and would like to earn your business.

All heavy or oversized boxes could be subject to an additional charge for shipping.

Please call us for information about which products have potentially higher shipping rates.

Our website calculates shipping based on weight and size but can sometimes be off. Please verify, after making a purchase online with us, the price of shipping you were quoted in the online sale.

Our shipping team will look at your order once it is submitted and contact you via email or phone with any issues that may be present.


Shipping Ford Racing Crate Engines

We will ship Ford Racing Crate Engines for free, however the carrier requires either a dock or delivery flat for this. If one is not available, a lift-gate request must be added to the order and additional fees may apply.

Contact Us with any questions regarding this matter, or any above.


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I.P. Address

We collect your i.p. address for the purpose of marketing and tracking visitors. We purge the i.p. address for guests after 15 minutes but users / members are stored from when they register and make a purchase for good.